Exams and Cleaning

One of the easiest ways to prevent the decline of your oral health is to maintain a regular schedule of having your teeth cleaned by our dental hygienist. A professional cleaning will minimize the accumulation of plaque and calculus on your teeth. Our professional hygienist at Peanut Plaza Dental will also provide you with instructions on personalized home care. By working together, we can prevent the advance of gum disease and ensure healthy teeth and a healthy smile in the years ahead. It is important to know that research shows a direct connection between oral health and heart disease as well as other medical conditions. Our team can aid you in determining the treatment best suited to your specific needs.


A tooth restoration or filling is used to restore the missing tooth structure due to decay, fractures, cracks, etc, to help restore the tooth to its normal function, shape and integrity. There are 2 main kinds of fillings: white fillings (tooth colored material) and silver fillings (amalgam). See our clinical team to find out which material may meet your needs.


Dentures are probably the most common way world wide to replace missing teeth especially when a patient is missing many teeth. They are an affordable removable prosthetic that can be worn relatively easily by the patient. In addition, dentures are the most affordable, especially when compared with other alternatives such as dental fixed bridgework or implant-supported restorations. Dr. Zhang provides complete full and partial denture service including the fabrication of new custom fitted dentures offering high function and beautiful aesthetics. Denture repairs are available; in addition, loose dentures can be stabilized with dental implants eliminating worries that your denture may slip out of place. Please feel free to speak to one of the Peanut Plaza Dental team members today for more details, and get ready to smile!

Crowns & Bridges

A tooth may become weak when it has for example a root canal treatment, a large filling, a fracture, the tooth can benefit from a crown to provide the protection needed. A crown can also cover a tooth or multiple teeth with stains caused by tetracycline, smoking or coffee. When there are missing teeth, they may be replaced by a bridge. Consult with our clinical team for more details on bridges.

Root Canal Therapy

There is no reason for concern if you require a root canal. Endodontics, also known as root canal therapy, refers to a filling of the root structure of your tooth. This is usually required as a result of trauma to the tooth or significant decay that involves the nerve or pulp of your tooth.

During an endodontic procedure, the tooth is cleaned, filled and restored to its original shape and size.  Generally, a crown is placed over the tooth to protect it from further problems.

This crown will protect your tooth for years to come, and the endodontic treatment allows your tooth to survive.

As with all treatment provided here, Dr. Zhang will ensure your complete comfort and understanding. A root canal is nothing to be worried about, it is however extremely important in the saving of your tooth!

Children's Dentistry

Dr. Zhang and her team of dental professionals, here at Peanut Plaza Dental, want to make sure that your children have a broad, beautiful, healthy smile. Making sure that your children are healthy is so important, and your child’s oral health is a huge part of their overall health.

Our office is designed to treat the early growth and development of your child’s dentition through adolescence. As your child grows, Dr. Zhang is able to recognize at an early stage any problems that will affect the overall function of your child’s dental health. Dr. Zhang prides herself in creating an environment that is friendly, caring and fun, allowing for a positive dental experience!


Dr. Zhang offers children’s sealants. The Canadian National Institute of Dental Research indicates that 95% of all cavities in children aged 5 to 17 are pit and fissure caries. These deep grooves and pits appear on the biting surfaces of molars and pre-molars. As parents, it is up to us to opt for non-destructive, painless and preventive procedures for our children, rather than undergoing anesthetic injections and filling procedures which are more costly in the long run.

This decay can be effectively prevented through the use of pit and fissure sealants. Sealants are applied as a liquid which fills in the grooves naturally appearing on these teeth. The liquid quickly hardens, forming a barrier which prevents food particles and bacteria from getting trapped in these crevices and causing decay.

If you have any questions about your child’s oral or overall health, please feel free to speak with one of our Peanut Plaza Dental team members today.

Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection and treatment of oral cancer may improve prognosis, even save lives. At Peanut Plaza Dental, we are proud to provide oral cancer screenings to our patients. In conjunction with a thorough visual and physical examination of the oral cavity and head and neck area, we also use Velscope Vx to examine the inside of the mouth to screen for tissue abnormalities such as pre-cancer, cancer and other disease related tissue changes. It utilizes natural tissue fluorescence to enhance the visualization of those tissue changes. See Technology page for more details.

Mouth Guards

Sports Dentistry is the treatment and prevention of Orofacial athletic injuries and related oral disease and manifestations.

Pre-season screenings and examinations are essential in preventing injuries.  Examinations include health histories, at risk dentitions, diagnosis of cavities, bite relationships, orthodontics, loose teeth, dental habits, crown and bridgework, missing teeth, artificial teeth, and the possible need for extractions for orthodontic concerns or wisdom teeth.

Determination of the need for a specific type and design of athletic mouth guard for injury prevention is made at this time. Here in North York, Dr. Zhang and their team are specifically trained on the prevention of sports injuries.

A sports mouth guard is one of the most important pieces of athletic equipment. If you treasure your child’s or your own smile, a custom designed sports mouth guard is a must!

There are three types of sports mouth guards, the most efficient and effective type of sports mouth guard is custom designed here at Peanut Plaza Dental by Dr. Zhang and our Dental Associates. The other two guards are a fitted mouth guard which is pre-made and fitted to your mouth and a ready-made sports mouth guard which is available in most sports equipment stores. Although inexpensive, these two alternatives are also the least effective!

Protect both you and your child from serious injuries, have Dr. Zhang and the team here in North York at Peanut Plaza Dental custom design and build a proper, professional sports mouth guard for you or your child.